A property for sale is usually among a long list among the many houses for sale that a buyer will see, for this reason it is important to always have a first lasting impression during the presentation to the prospective buyer or buyers of the house. The more desirable the property appears the better the sale price will be and this means a great return on the original investment.

Properties for sale should usually be clean and well maintained , this usually complements the presentation as the this enhance the qualities of the property on sale. A well cleaned properly will appear livable; equally cleaning accumulated clutter to show the spaces is an added advantage as the buyer has the freedom to picture themselves in the property.

If engaging the services of estate agents, ensure the desired decorations are kept neutral to avoid individual or personal presentation alongside the property. The neutrality of the decorations will suit a variety of the targeted clientele. The best choice to have a selection of paintings are mirrors to fill the blank walls, vases and flowers usually improve on the general home feel of the property.

Houses for rent during presentation should communicate practicability and comfort to the targeted tenants, features should complement the community environment and have a complementary aspect of the various lifestyles of the intended tenants. If they are old then this should consider the fact they tenants will spend too much time in the house as opposed to younger tenants 

Aspects on land for sale are not universal as there are many forms of ownership existing n different cultures throughout the world. Many are quite informal in the way they operate, for proper presentation it is best to have a presentation that will indicate that the system of sale and purchase is formal and structured.

Some companies in real estate business usually sell large tracts of land, such land estates agencies present the purchase proposition to high end investors such as corporations who are seeking to expand their businesses based on the current infrastructure development opportunities in specific areas and the benefits are usually long term.