A mere few years ago, no property owner would contemplate selling the house without involving a realtor. Times have changed to an extent that private home sales are becoming all the more popular. The fact that Internet has emerged as one of the most important tools of trade means that property owners are able to sell their houses without involving any high-end or low-end estate agent. The emergence of online selling platforms, such as private sale websites, has also meant that more owners are now willing to do the sale themselves as a way of limiting the amount of money that they pay the real estate agents.

More owners are realizing why they need to embrace the private real estate sales. They understand that this strategy accords them the opportunity to save money. Owners are able to sell their private houses for a higher pay and not worry about paying the real estate agents, whom they no longer have to deal with during any stage of the sale. Normally, the agent would charge around 2% of the actual sale price as his fee. By eliminating the real estate agent, the private owner is able to save the 2 percent of the entire selling price that he would ordinarily have to pay the realtor, an amount that could run into thousands of dollars.

During the property boom, many real estate agents exploited the market. Buyers and sellers alike suffered from this exploitation. Most real estate agents would increase their fees without necessarily improving the quality of services they offered during sales conducted by the property owners. Buyers needed more and more houses and this led them to the real estate agents who saw the increased demand for their services as an opportunity to increase their fees. It is only now that the real estate agents are deciding to reduce their fees after realizing that more property owners are opting to take the for sale by the owner approach.

The fact that the owner is conducting the sale himself means that there is very little possibility of losing any message due to poor translation. Moreover, information passes from the owner to the prospective buyer in a very short span of time. This is not an indication that the real estate agents often twist the information they pass from a seller to the buyer or vice versa. What this means is that there is clearer communication between the seller and buyer and very little confusion, if any. This means that the transaction is able to proceed smoothly without much distraction, confusion or waste of time.

Finally, a private sale is a much easier and simpler process through which to sell a house. All the bottlenecks that would prolong the process are eliminated. Many property owners are realizing that talking or dealing directly with the prospective buyer is a much simpler and easier exercise. The transaction is concluded in record time. Real estate agents apply a lot of pressure on the seller and buyer to conclude the sale quickly. When the owner takes charge of the entire process, he has no reason for worrying about such pressure. He can conduct the transaction at his own pace and conclude the sale when he believes that it is right to do so.